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Dangerous Diabetes Drug

Dangerous Diabetes Drug- Consumer Protection Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.B.N., M.S. Printer-Friendly Format What do you do when one of the more recent diabetes drugs has the common "black box" warning? The drug I am referring too is Avandia® (or generic rosiglitazone). What does it tell you when the most prestigious and high profile medical journal, New England Journal of Medicine, clearly states that the diabetes drug Avandia increases the heart attack rate a devastating 43%. What does it tell you when you see plastered all over television attorneys placing huge ads for those injured by the drug? What is even more worrisome is even though there are over 700 lawsuits from people injured by Avandia, totaling more than $60 million, and even though the human study trials on it had to be ended because it was so dangerous, the FDA was still deciding its fate as of spring 2011. Would it be pushing the envelope to say that profits may in fact over-rule the protection of the public? Does that have anything to do with the fact that it brings in over $3 billion in a year. In fact studies have shown that not only did Avandia triple the death rate over placebo but it increased congestive heart failure and raised the bad cholesterol, LDL, 18%. Just how many millions of dollars, thousands of harmed people and hundreds of doctors does it take to prove that diabetes is not a deficiency of the latest drug? For many of you reading this short consumer protection update, I simply make it a point to report things as they are. The goal is to help each and every one of my readers to become better health care consumers and to be extremely knowledgeable on seeking to identify what in fact may be at the root of their health issues. You really need to have a heart to heart talk with yourself and ask if you simply want to settle with the one size fits all drug approach or would you rather seek the expertise of a physician who seeks to find the underlying root cause of a disease. That is the power of functional medicine and that power comes from doing a thorough clinical investigation in what are the issues that have led to the disease in the first place.

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